“Please Do Not Feed The Fears”

Spring…such a life affirming time of year. The orange and grapefruit trees in our Arizona yard are blossoming right now, and their fragrance is amazing. This time of year also brings many creatures out of hibernation. Caution has to be exercised when hiking now, as the rattlesnakes are coming out to enjoy the sun and heat. The fear (stress) this creates for some hikers, gave me the inspiration for this blog.

As we come to understanding how mind, thought and consciousness work within us, we can see more clearly how we manufacture stress for ourselves.  As awareness of our thinking grows, we always have two choices. We can notice and disregard fearful and upsetting thought as passing, or we can focus and FEED such thoughts to make them grow. It is important to understand that our thoughts feel much more compelling when we are in a low mood. The most productive thing we can do about a situation when we are in a low state of mind is NOTHING. The sign reminds us to not feed our fears. Signs also tell us to not feed wild life. If we do, we encourage wild animals to linger, to become a nuisance, and a potential danger. If we don’t feed our fearful and upset thinking, our minds will settle. From a quiet Mind, wisdom will always guide us to proceed with clarity.

Blessings for Joy and Peace,


Self Love and Compassion

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express our love to the special people in our lives …but it is also a good time to remember to extend love and compassion to ourselves. As we become more conscious of the thoughts that run across the screen of our mind, we can choose which ones to place attention on. I love listening to Michael Singer. He likens our personal mind to an appliance, and the thoughts it produces as “the process”.  Our mind is a thought producing machine. That is just what it does, and 99% of our thoughts come to us uninvited. If something causes us to feel disturbed, our minds get even busier…justifying, judging, or beating ourselves up. When left unchecked it is easy to buy into a lot of thinking that does not “serve us”. As we grow in awareness as to what this appliance is spewing out, we can choose what thoughts to give attention to…. and which ones to pass on. So how do we grow this “consciousness” muscle? By checking into how we are feeling. If feelings of stress, anger, hurt or self criticism arise… it is always, and only the product of thought. It is never the TRUTH of who we really are. Once we see this, we can begin to say “no thank you” to the thoughts that we tend to ruminate on. We may not feel better immediately, but an ignored guest eventually leaves. Creating space within our MIND brings us back to our default settings of peace, love and compassion, for ourselves and others.

May you be happy, healthy, safe and live with ease!
Blessings Lynne

Taking Time For Gratitude

♥The gift of this new day.

♥My health.

♥My senses.

♥My eyes to see the beauty of nature.

♥My ears to hear the beauty of nature.

♥The bird songs that I hear everyday.

♥The ability to taste and enjoy food.

♥A nose to smell wonderful smells.

♥My body and all it does for me.

♥The blessing of three amazing sons.

♥The blessing and joy of grandkids.

♥The blessing of family and good friends.

♥The gift of laughter.

♥The standard of living I enjoy.

♥Access to an abundant source of drinking water and healthy foods.

♥The sunshine and warm weather in Arizona today.

♥Physical activity…yoga, walking, swimming, pickle ball, biking, skiing…

♥The spiritual nature of who we REALLY are.

♥The Loving Intelligent Life Force/ Energy within this universe that does entirely support our existence.

…..Your turn!

Christmas …Finding Peace In The Present

I must admit, as an adult, the Christmas season has not been my favorite time of year. When I occasionally share this, it seems I am not alone. As a child, the onset of December seemed to fuel my father’s drinking habit. In retrospect, I am guessing that this was his method of “coping” with how he percieved a difficult time.

Life brings challenges to all of us. The definition of the “traditional family” has certainly seen big changes over the years, but it seems the “hallmark Christmas card image” remains. Christmas advertizing and music can bring lofty images and expectations, and often an underlying pressure and stress when our ideas of this do not match.

I am understanding more deeply, that it is not our life situations but our ways of thinking about them, that create our experience… and leave us with emotionally charged memories. Memories and thinking so etched as neuropathways in our brain, that it often doesn’t take more than a song to bring feelings about past events to life. I am also understanding that this is just how our brain works. It is a thought producing machine. The thinking that most often comes to the surface is not what is real in the moment.  It is “old thought” brought to life with our amazing and creative gift of our MIND. The result is a 3D experience of something that happened years ago.  At low levels of awareness we don’t see that we always live in the feeling of our thinking.

Beyond the separate realities we each create with our memories and perceptions, lies the truth of who we are. We can’t stop old thought from visiting each December, but we can begin to observe it, and allow it to pass through our mind, without embellishing “the story”. This “allowing” creates space within, for the deeper truth of who we are to shine through… PEACE, LOVE and Well-Being. Isn’t this the real meaning of the season? When we become PRESENT, we experience this GIFT.

Love and Blessings for a peaceful holiday season,


Trust In The Non Tangible

This week, I have been pondering the idea of trust. Why is it sometimes difficult to allow the benevolent energy within life to guide and take care of us, or our loved ones? Is it because it is invisible, non tangible? It is hard to argue that there is not an Intelligence and energy behind and guiding nature. Seasons come and go, the sun sets and rises each day, whether we see it or not. Birds, fish and animals seem to know when to migrate, hibernate or grow thicker coats. Tiny acorns grow into mighty oak trees. When Hiroshima was bombed, scientists believed it would be 10-20 years before anything would grow. Ten days later a flower bloomed within a crater.
Like nature there is an invisible energy living through us. Our physical bodies functions pretty well without our help. We don’t need to think about making our heart beat. Without effort, our lungs provide us with air, cuts and bones heal, and our immune system keeps us healthy when we cooperate… for as long as we are meant to live.
Within our MIND, beneath our busy, worried thinking and need to control, this same Intelligence and energy is there to guide us. This invisible power shows up as insight, moments of clarity, and new ways of seeing.
It seems easy to trust an invisible power to run our bodily functions. It seems easy to trust the invisible power behind a money transfer when we bank online and press the “confirm” button.
The next time you catch yourself in worried or fearful thinking, why not trust…that although you may not know what to do, something deep within you does.

Understanding Brings Freedom….The Secret Lies Within  

A Simple Sioux Parable ~ The Creator gathered all of Creation and said; “I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it. It is the realization that they create their own reality.”

The eagle said, “Give it to me. I will take it to the moon.”The Creator said, “No. One day they will go there and find it.” The salmon said, “give it to me, I  will bury it on the bottom of the ocean.” The Creator said, “No. They will go there, too.” The buffalo said, “If you give it to me, I will bury it on the Great Plains.” The Creator said, “They will cut into the skin of the earth and find it even there.” Grandmother Mole, who lived in the breast of Mother Earth, and who had no physical eyes but saw with spiritual eyes, said “put it inside of them, that is the last place they will look.” And the Creator said, “It is done.”

This story seems simple and silly, but how many of us have spent years seeking happiness and well being by looking outside of ourselves….using relationships, our careers….loftier goals and more doing to arrive at a sense of being enough. The idea that what we are looking for is within us, seems too simple. But just like the principle or truth of gravity (that works whether we understand it or not), our experience of reality is created within each of us with our innate resources of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  Each and every moment, 100% of the time, our Mind is constantly creating new scenes with feeling and meaning. Understanding this paradigm brings freedom. I always and can only ever experience my life from the inside-out.

Seeing Beyond The Illusion to Make Your Mind Matter….

I believe we all want to experience peace of mind and happiness. In spite of this desire, it can often seem like what happens outside of us makes this impossible. We often feel like victims of life and our circumstances. For many individuals, feeling constantly stressed and anxious has become the “norm”….but it doesn’t have to be.

Once we come to “understand” the part we play in creating our experience of life, we “see” how we innocently misuse our creative gifts. Innate health, wellness and wisdom are within all of us, and so are the tools to access them. We are born with them. They are our natural default setting. We all have an internal GPS available to guide us back to this innate state of well-being. With this understanding we can experience ourselves, relationships and live from a more peaceful, joyful and purposeful state of mind. The upcoming Make Your Mind Matter program is meant to facilitate the understanding of how the three universal principles of thought, consciousness and Mind are always at work within us, within everyone who is alive. Outside circumstances, people and events do not create our experience of life….that is only an illusion.

To register for the November “Make Your Mind Matter”  Program http://lynneharley.com/shifting-consciousness/make-your-mind-matter/

Blessings, Lynne♥


What We Really Are

Autumn brings such beautiful cerulean blue skies… the perfect reminder of the truth of who and what we really are, beneath our busy personal thinking mind and stories. The power we have “to create and change” our experience in every moment is pretty incredible:-)

Is It True? The Essence of who I really Am

“If the whole world were to praise him, he would not have been encouraged: if the whole world were to condemn him he would not have been deterred. He was steadfast about the difference between the internal and the external.” Tzu

When we truly understand the “essence” of who we are, feedback from others is just information. We are not that information. We are not somebody’s thoughts of approval or disapproval…..truly getting this is liberating:-) What others think of me…. really is none of my business.

When thoughts of what others may have said about or to me, come into my mind, (usually uninvited) the gift of consciousness, gives me the opportunity to see this. With this awareness, I have the choice to ruminate on their words (allowing something from the outside to build me up or tear me down) or….I can let these thoughts go. It really is this simple. In truth, nothing but my thinking, about what I think others are thinking… takes me away from remembering the essence of who I am. I am always, beneath my busy conditioned thinking mind, innate well-being and mental health. It am always creating my experience, moment to moment from the inside out.

♥ Namaste, Lynne

Free Your Mind

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that is unlocked and opens inwards as long as it does not occur for him to pull rather than push.”~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

As long as we are alive, the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness are at work within each of us. We are the creators of our experience, in each moment, whether we “see” this or not. Understanding the nature of thought, and how with mind and consciousness, it creates our moment to moment experience, is the beginning of freedom. We are not just the “thinker”, but more importantly we are also the “observer” and the “chooser” of what thoughts we hold in our mind.

Consciousness is the gift that wakes me up to the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me. Like the prisoner who realizes that pulling rather than pushing will open the door to freedom…. I am seeing that when I don’t invite self-defeating thoughts to stay….that without my attention, they pass through. It is within a quiet mind that space is created for new thought to arise… thought born out of inspiration from the innate wisdom we all possess.

The truth of who we are, the spiritual essence within each of us, is mental health and well being. We take ourselves out this innate state of health, by innocently misusing our powerful gift of thought, and freezing ourselves with our thinking.