May 5, Spring Retreat

A Day of Radical Self Care and Renewal

“Radical Self Care”, what a concept! As women especially, we are conditioned to care for others, and often forget ourselves in the process. Life is full of twists and turns, loss and change. Self care practices can strengthen our inner resources and ground us to deal with future challenges; or they can provide ease and nurture us during a challenging experience that may be our reality right now. Knowing that life is impermanent does not always prepare our hearts for what must be digested and accepted. Unlike other cultures, we are often conditioned to “put on our game face” and carry on…until something eventually gives in us, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

I feel passionate about sharing restorative yoga and this day with others. Throughout my learning process last summer, the phrase “radical” self care kept coming up for me. The postures, the props, the earth, and our breath… hold us, so that we can fully surrender, and allow our innate wisdom to release and heal what needs healing. Restorative Yoga is now being used to alleviate anxiety and depression, chronic pain, to balance hormones, support mobility issues and one’s journey with grief. If the concept of giving yourself a day to “BE” resonates with you, I welcome your presence. As Byron Katie says…Keep coming home to yourself…you are the one you are looking for.

“The reason for paying attention to your body and your interior state is that…the mind deceives, the body never lies. Listen to the wisdom of your body. Hear its truth. There is never a thought, feeling or emotion that does not have a corresponding body sensation. Each experience is imprinted in every cell of our body.” (From the contemplative life program)

Lynne Harley is now retired from her profession in Social Services and Life Skills Coaching. Over the years much of her work has involved creating and facilitating empowerment programs for adults. She is a 200 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance International. In August of 2018, Lynne completed Level 1 & 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva Yoga Studio in Vancouver, B.C. and is now certified as a Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Teacher. She has also completed advanced sound and vibrational healing with the gong and shares this gift whenever she can.

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