2019 “Yoga for Grief” Program Poster and Registration

In 2016, I suffered the loss of my mother, and in 2017, the sudden loss of my younger brother. During this time, I found it difficult to attend a regular yoga class, and my practice changed. It became much slower and self nurturing…a meditative practice of mindful movement and breath. As I age, I am understanding more deeply that grief is a natural and organic part of life and love. The word yoga means to “unite… Yoga is not meant to take away grief. It is a support that activates our inner resources so that we can tend to our body and mind when we feel broken and dismembered. A gentle and restorative practice, encourages us to be active participants in our healing. Yoga helps us to feel grounded when our world is shaken, helps us to release tension in our body and mind, and to breathe deeply to keep the energy, “the life force” within our body moving. Healing grief requires self compassion, time and attention to our hearts. Yoga is a process, and a  practice. We show up for ourselves with compassion and curiosity, tending to each moment, each sensation and each emotion as it arises. Yoga eases and can provide a lifelong foundation for centering and relief during difficult times.

A recent participant shares: I thought my journey with grief started with the passing of my daughter. I know now that grief has many faces and many time periods. Taking this class has opened me up to this realization. Gentle restorative yoga poses, and using my breath, have helped me release the barriers of grief.  I’ve felt  a gentle lift from the pain that I’ve held  in my body. I am grateful to have taken this class. Lynne has a gentle and calming effect and teaches from her heart and soul.  Many thanks.” B.C.~ Saskatoon                 

Lynne Harley is now retired from her profession in Social Services and Life Skills Coaching. Over the years much of her work has involved creating and facilitating empowerment programs for adults. She is a 200 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance International. In August of 2018, Lynne completed 85 hours of Restorative Yoga training at Semperviva Yoga Studio in Vancouver, B.C. and is now certified as a Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Teacher. 

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