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I used to believe that I needed to changeThankfully, my understanding has changed. I believe this human experience is about waking up to who we really are, to our creative gifts of thought and consciousness and our connection to Universal energy and MIND. It is about remembering who we are, and coming home to ourselves.

I see now that “my stories” are always just that, created by my thinking, based on what has happened in the past or what could happen in the future. How I perceive “circumstances” based on my conditioning, beliefs, feelings, filters and memories. From moment to moment, I am the one creating my human experience, from the inside~out.

Today I am seeing more clearly that it is only and always my thinking that creates the feelings I experience. Like murky waters, when I allow my thoughts to settle, I am guided by clarity and a deeper wisdom. We are all born with the gifts of Thought, MIND and Consciousness. No one is exempt. Once we understand how to leverage these gifts, we can experience greater peace of mind and innate wellness which, in truth are our default settings.

It is with this awareness and passion that I choose to share my understanding and gifts. Lasting and significant “change” for each of us, must come from within. When we create space and quiet within our MINDS, we allow insight and higher states of consciousness to guide us. I am fascinated by neuroscience and what research is teaching us about the human brain. We do in fact have the ability to “change” pathways in our brains, diminish the ones that no longer serve us, create new neural circuits, and override genes that we may be predisposed to. To do this we need to shift our consciousness and raise our vibrations.

Lynne is now retired from her profession in Social work and Life Skills Coaching. Over the years much of her work involved creating and facilitating empowerment programs for adults.

This next phase of life has led Lynne to pursue mentoring and three Principles Coach Training, with 3 P- Practitioners and Authors such as Amy Johnston, Michael Neill and Jack Pransky. She is incorporating her understandings with the healing modalities of sacred vibrational gong healing and yoga. Lynne has studied sound healing and advanced gong training with International Trainer, Mitch Nur. She is a 200 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance International. In 2018, Lynne completed 85 hours of Restorative Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training in Vancouver, and in June of 2019, Lynne completed training in Yoga for Trauma (Y4T)

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