What We Really Are

Autumn brings such beautiful cerulean blue skies… the perfect reminder of the truth of who and what we really are, beneath our busy personal thinking mind and stories. The power we have “to create and change” our experience in every moment is pretty incredible:-)

Is It True? The Essence of who I really Am

“If the whole world were to praise him, he would not have been encouraged: if the whole world were to condemn him he would not have been deterred. He was steadfast about the difference between the internal and the external.” Tzu

When we truly understand the “essence” of who we are, feedback from others is just information. We are not that information. We are not somebody’s thoughts of approval or disapproval…..truly getting this is liberating:-) What others think of me…. really is none of my business.

When thoughts of what others may have said about or to me, come into my mind, (usually uninvited) the gift of consciousness, gives me the opportunity to see this. With this awareness, I have the choice to ruminate on their words (allowing something from the outside to build me up or tear me down) or….I can let these thoughts go. It really is this simple. In truth, nothing but my thinking, about what I think others are thinking… takes me away from remembering the essence of who I am. I am always, beneath my busy conditioned thinking mind, innate well-being and mental health. It am always creating my experience, moment to moment from the inside out.

♥ Namaste, Lynne

Free Your Mind

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that is unlocked and opens inwards as long as it does not occur for him to pull rather than push.”~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

As long as we are alive, the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness are at work within each of us. We are the creators of our experience, in each moment, whether we “see” this or not. Understanding the nature of thought, and how with mind and consciousness, it creates our moment to moment experience, is the beginning of freedom. We are not just the “thinker”, but more importantly we are also the “observer” and the “chooser” of what thoughts we hold in our mind.

Consciousness is the gift that wakes me up to the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me. Like the prisoner who realizes that pulling rather than pushing will open the door to freedom…. I am seeing that when I don’t invite self-defeating thoughts to stay….that without my attention, they pass through. It is within a quiet mind that space is created for new thought to arise… thought born out of inspiration from the innate wisdom we all possess.

The truth of who we are, the spiritual essence within each of us, is mental health and well being. We take ourselves out this innate state of health, by innocently misusing our powerful gift of thought, and freezing ourselves with our thinking.





The Power of Choice

We give power to our thoughts by choosing what to hold in our mind/MIND. In every moment I am choosing…will I attend to my conditioned thinking to create feelings and an experience of fear…. or with “my gift of consciousness” will I begin to see that I can choose thoughts to create a feeling and experience of peace? For more on the innate gifts of MIND, thought and consciousness we all possess, click on the about menu to read The Three Principles ~Psychology of the Mind.

The Gift

I’ve just returned from a retreat weekend …. the theme “Practicing Metta”, opening our hearts to connect with our natural goodness. Metta is the pali word for loving kindness, Buddhist’s view it as the virtue of kindness. It’s an attitude of goodwill, wishing other people well, but ultimately wishing ourselves well, realizing that true happiness is something that each of us must find for ourselves.
This has been an especially challenging year for me with many changes, including the milestone of recently turning 60, the declining health of my mother and the strain that it has placed on family relationships.
During a guided meditation, we were told to find an image that would connect us to our heart centre. I saw myself as a child being held against a chest, whose chest? I imagined how I would have held and nurtured one of my own children when they were young; with this image came an overwhelming feeling of sadness, the sense of loss…grief, the realization that my mother is no longer able to provide me with this comfort; that as a woman of 60, during this visualization, there was still “this child-like aspect of myself that desired nurturing and comfort.
After I allowed the tears, and the experience of feeling this sadness there came new thought…
You will be okay Lynne, everything you need is within you, there is innate wisdom and resilience within you, lovingly guiding you in every moment; Just remember who you are….just keep coming home to yourself.
Thank you Mom, for your presence in my life, for all that you have gifted me with.

Suffering Is Always Optional

This morning as I was enjoying my quiet time of reading and reflection, I thought of a quote I recently heard, “pain is pain….. suffering is thinking about pain”. To take this a step further, continually thinking and talking about painful events is how we create our stories. Many people lost in their stories, begin to believe this is who they are.

While pondering this, my thinking went back to a memory…. in 2006.  I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Thailand.  The children living there had been displaced by the war in Burma (now called Myanmar).  Many of them has lost parents or had families unable to support them.  The money I raised would assist furnishing a new orphanage under construction, by the non profit organization, Global Neighbors Canada. The living conditions of the existing orphanage, by our standards were deplorable.  But…the image in my mind that overpowers this, is the happiness, love and generosity I experienced in the presence of the children and staff living there.

All this reflection brought me back to the amazing power we have to create our experience in every moment with the gift of thought we have all been given. Life does sometimes bring pain.  Many individuals have been impacted by painful life events. The question we then need ask ourselves, is can we acknowledge this pain, feel it and let it go.  The gift of consciousness gives us the awareness to do this.  When we truly understand that we are connected to, and have within us this creative universal MIND, we return to our default setting which is innate health, well-being and joy.  I know now that when I am not feeling peaceful, I am caught up in a moment of my limited and conditioned thinking, triggered by a past memory being played into the future. Like an old record with a scratch, it will play over and over again, until I realize that I always have the choice to lift the needle and enjoy the music of the present moment.

May you experience this Thanksgiving with a heart full of gratitude for the gifts this present moment brings.

♥ Lynne

Game Changer, Name Changer

I recently changed the name of my business to “FocusedMIND Coaching“.

The thesaurus dictionary defines the word focus as clarity, correct adjustment; sharpness; center; core; heart; direct attention. The oxford dictionary defines focus as: the state of having a clear image, focused, become able to see clearly; pay particular attention.

The new vision for FocusedMIND Coaching, is to share my understanding of three universal psychological-spiritual principles, that others may clearly come to see how we all create our experience of life from the inside out….always. With new awareness and consciousness of the creative power of thought we all have, we can correct and adjust our limited perceptions to allow our deeper inner wisdom/MIND to guide us.

Even though we have all been gifted with these three universal principles…(no one is exempt) many individuals are not yet aware that these three universal spiritual principles of thought, consciousness and MIND are always at work within us. Once we begin to “unwrap the package” and understand how the principles of thought, consciousness and MIND work, we have the potential and power to create and experience more peace and joy in our lives and relationships.

Gaining a deeper understanding of how these three universal principles work within us all, has been not only prompted me to change the name of my business, but it has also been a game changer. Learning how to let go of my limited conditioned thinking and understanding how to access my innate wisdom is totally changed how I experience my life today. With peace, joy, gratitude and my new vision, I am excited to move forward with FocusedMIND Coaching.

Sound As Medicine: The healing gifts of the gong

The magic of “Musical Medicine” will come into its own. The application of such healing potencies will not be limited just to man’s body and mind. It will be an agency for building and healing his soul as well.”- Corinne Heline (1882-1975)

While wintering in Arizona, I’ve been blessed to participate in a weekly sound healing meditation, facilitated by a gong master and the resonating harmonics of  her beautiful 32″ gong. Something deep within me responded to this healing modality, so much so, that this winter, I registered with the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona to learn more about Sacred Sound/Vibrational Healing. It is my desire to share this wonderful gift with others.

The concept of sound and music for healing is not a new. Sound has been used therapeutically for thousands of years to soothe and de-stress, as well as to heal and alter consciousness. Many cultures have a tradition of using sound in this way, and ancient sound instruments, including gongs, have been found dating back many centuries. In some Eastern cultures it has long been realized that the beneficial effect goes much deeper than just a sense of emotional well-being; harmonious sounds also have a healing effect on the body at a cellular level. In India the ancient science of the effect of musical vibrations on the human organism is called Nada Yoga. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks also realized the remarkable healing power of sound, and often composed and performed music with the purpose of healing. In modern times Sound Healing has begun to enjoy a resurgence, as we recall the ancient wisdom of our ancestors in the use of these sacred old instruments.

Sheila Whittaker, Musician, Sound Healer and Teacher specializes in using large high quality gongs for her Sound Healing work. She states “the gong is arguably the ultimate sound healing tool, as it has the broadest range of tones of any instrument. When played sensitively and well, this vast range of sound literally bathes the human form and re-tunes us on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – thus bringing us back into harmony. Think of the body as an orchestra comprised of many different instruments, some may be “off key” and need re-tuning. The gongs is the tuning medium.”

To understand how Sound Healing works, it is important to realize that everything in creation is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Modern physicists continue to find evidence to support this belief. Even seemingly solid inanimate objects like rocks are forms of energy vibrating at lower frequencies. At the other end of the spectrum, light vibrates at a very high frequency. As human beings we are also vibrating energy forms. Since sound travels five times more efficiently through water than air, the human body, composed of  over 70% water…..is an excellent conductor for sound and vibrational healing.

When bathed in sound, different areas of the body respond by locking in or “entraining” to the sound and begin to vibrate at the same frequencies. Every part of the body has its own resonant frequency. If there is an imbalance or blocked energy anywhere, the harmonics of the gong stimulate the cells to vibrate in sympathy and to be restored to their highest potential of functioning. Sound vibrations also work on the subtle energy body to help clear energy blockages before they manifest as physical illness or disease.

I am fascinated by the idea that sound healing energy has the  power and ability to rearrange molecular structure, and pathways within our  brain. A gong immersion meditation can induce a theta brainwave state. In this deep meditative state the body and mind’s natural self healing processes can be activated and optimized. At levels below our conscious awareness, unconscious belief systems and thought patterns can be released to enhance our experience of life.

There are no known negative effects from Sound Energy Healing and much research has demonstrated the benefits. Gong Master Don Conreaux calls the gong “ the Music of Wholeness”.  It approaches the body as already whole and complete, then fills the body with vibrations that emphasize health and balance.  The gong as an instrument of  sound healing is now being utilized  in gong bath immersion meditations; in private sound therapy practice; palliative care and cancer treatment centers; and in the field of mental health to promote well-being.

Gong Bath Immersion Meditations are considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible, because of the deep state of relaxation attained in response to the sound vibration.  Physical relaxation is effortless on the part of the participant as the vibrational frequency of the gong does all the work, leading to the release of stress and healing on a molecular level within the body.

I am excited to share the beautiful, healing harmonics of my 32″ Symphonic Paiste gong with others. On September 10, 2015 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, I will facilitate a weekly gong bath immersion meditation at Queens House Retreat and Renewal Center in Saskatoon.