Chakra Gong Yoga


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The Seven Week Chakra Gong Yoga Program                                                                                                            

Chakra Gong Yoga is about going within.  It embraces the chakras as a profound path to awakening our own inner temple.  The teachings on the chakras come from yoga, an ancient system… meaning union; the first to address the development of the whole person.  It’s purpose is to balance the energy within our physical bodies, minds and spirit, that we may live from “our innate state of health and well-being.”  Chakra work is one of the subtlest methods of healing.

Our chakras, energetic centers that correspond to and influence our physical, mental and spiritual health, act like antennas.  They are constantly receiving energy from our environment, nature, and other people.  Yoga sees the energetic nature of the chakras as intimately linked and anchored to different points in our physical bodies, therefore when out of balance or blocked…. physical and mental and spiritual “dis-ease” can result.  When energy within our chakra system is flowing smoothly, we tend to live more mindfully.  We are more relaxed, our natural immune systems are strong, and we operate more intuitively, allowing a clear mind and insight to guide us.

In this seven week program we will use gentle and restorative yoga poses that correspond to opening, activating and balancing the energy within each chakra.  Restorative yoga holds supported poses for longer periods of time, to facilitate a state of deep relaxation.  From this state…we let go of deep holding patterns in our bodies and minds that allow for healing.

In chakra gong yoga we add the healing frequencies of the gong to yoga postures.  The belief in chakras gong yoga, is that each of us has a unique vibration and that each one of these vibrations is present in the gong. When these vibrations unite, a spiritual and energetic dialogue restores us to wholeness.

It is with this intention, that I invite you to embark on this seven week adventure of self-discovery.

This 7 week program ~ focuses on one chakra per week  

Please bring your own yoga mat, 1 blanket, 2 pillows/ bolsters, one towel or block, a strap~ necktie works great; other props you may have and like to use to support you in restorative yoga poses. Thank you in advance for refraining from wearing scented products.

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