Christmas …Finding Peace In The Present

I must admit, as an adult, the Christmas season has not been my favorite time of year. When I occasionally share this, it seems I am not alone. As a child, the onset of December seemed to fuel my father’s drinking habit. In retrospect, I am guessing that this was his method of “coping” with how he percieved a difficult time.

Life brings challenges to all of us. The definition of the “traditional family” has certainly seen big changes over the years, but it seems the “hallmark Christmas card image” remains. Christmas advertizing and music can bring lofty images and expectations, and often an underlying pressure and stress when our ideas of this do not match.

I am understanding more deeply, that it is not our life situations but our ways of thinking about them, that create our experience… and leave us with emotionally charged memories. Memories and thinking so etched as neuropathways in our brain, that it often doesn’t take more than a song to bring feelings about past events to life. I am also understanding that this is just how our brain works. It is a thought producing machine. The thinking that most often comes to the surface is not what is real in the moment.  It is “old thought” brought to life with our amazing and creative gift of our MIND. The result is a 3D experience of something that happened years ago.  At low levels of awareness we don’t see that we always live in the feeling of our thinking.

Beyond the separate realities we each create with our memories and perceptions, lies the truth of who we are. We can’t stop old thought from visiting each December, but we can begin to observe it, and allow it to pass through our mind, without embellishing “the story”. This “allowing” creates space within, for the deeper truth of who we are to shine through… PEACE, LOVE and Well-Being. Isn’t this the real meaning of the season? When we become PRESENT, we experience this GIFT.

Love and Blessings for a peaceful holiday season,


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