Fall/Winter Retreat

This retreat is FULL, thank you for your interest.

Fall / Winter Retreat Offerings: “Finding the GAP to meet ourselves with Radical Acceptance”

Getting into the GAP (Grounding, Attention and Presence) shines a light on and lifts us out of the maze of ruminative thinking, distraction, daydreaming and dullness. 

Gentle and restorative yoga postures, guided meditative practices and the healing frequencies of the gong will help us enter the space where we can consciously meet ourselves with radical acceptance and compassion. When we accept ourselves “as we are”, we are not accepting the story of a good or bad self, we are bringing our attention to the immediate mental and sensory experiences we interpret as self. When we begin to see the familiar wants and fears, the judging and planning thoughts’ as part of the flow of life, they become impersonal and free us from identifying ourselves as deficient and limited. In the GAP we cultivate a deeper sense of our True Nature where we experience clarity, expansiveness, love and freedom.

Please bring a lunch suitable for your needs; Tea and snacks will be provided

Retreat Registration: $119

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  Lynne Harley is now retired from her profession in Social Services and Life Skills Coaching. Over the years much of her work has involved creating and facilitating empowerment programs for adults. She is a 200 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance International. In August of 2018, Lynne completed Level 1 & 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva Yoga Studio in Vancouver, B.C. and is now certified as a Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Teacher. In May and June of 2019, Lynne completed the Yoga for Trauma Teacher Training (Y4T). She has also completed advanced sound and vibrational healing with the gong and shares this gift whenever she can.