Is It True? The Essence of who I really Am

“If the whole world were to praise him, he would not have been encouraged: if the whole world were to condemn him he would not have been deterred. He was steadfast about the difference between the internal and the external.” Tzu

When we truly understand the “essence” of who we are, feedback from others is just information. We are not that information. We are not somebody’s thoughts of approval or disapproval…..truly getting this is liberating:-) What others think of me…. really is none of my business.

When thoughts of what others may have said about or to me, come into my mind, (usually uninvited) the gift of consciousness, gives me the opportunity to see this. With this awareness, I have the choice to ruminate on their words (allowing something from the outside to build me up or tear me down) or….I can let these thoughts go. It really is this simple. In truth, nothing but my thinking, about what I think others are thinking… takes me away from remembering the essence of who I am. I am always, beneath my busy conditioned thinking mind, innate well-being and mental health. It am always creating my experience, moment to moment from the inside out.

♥ Namaste, Lynne

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