“Please Do Not Feed The Fears”

Spring…such a life affirming time of year. The orange and grapefruit trees in our Arizona yard are blossoming right now, and their fragrance is amazing. This time of year also brings many creatures out of hibernation. Caution has to be exercised when hiking now, as the rattlesnakes are coming out to enjoy the sun and heat. The fear (stress) this creates for some hikers, gave me the inspiration for this blog.

As we come to understanding how mind, thought and consciousness work within us, we can see more clearly how we manufacture stress for ourselves.  As awareness of our thinking grows, we always have two choices. We can notice and disregard fearful and upsetting thought as passing, or we can focus and FEED such thoughts to make them grow. It is important to understand that our thoughts feel much more compelling when we are in a low mood. The most productive thing we can do about a situation when we are in a low state of mind is NOTHING. The sign reminds us to not feed our fears. Signs also tell us to not feed wild life. If we do, we encourage wild animals to linger, to become a nuisance, and a potential danger. If we don’t feed our fearful and upset thinking, our minds will settle. From a quiet Mind, wisdom will always guide us to proceed with clarity.

Blessings for Joy and Peace,


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