Seeing Beyond The Illusion to Make Your Mind Matter….

I believe we all want to experience peace of mind and happiness. In spite of this desire, it can often seem like what happens outside of us makes this impossible. We often feel like victims of life and our circumstances. For many individuals, feeling constantly stressed and anxious has become the “norm”….but it doesn’t have to be.

Once we come to “understand” the part we play in creating our experience of life, we “see” how we innocently misuse our creative gifts. Innate health, wellness and wisdom are within all of us, and so are the tools to access them. We are born with them. They are our natural default setting. We all have an internal GPS available to guide us back to this innate state of well-being. With this understanding we can experience ourselves, relationships and live from a more peaceful, joyful and purposeful state of mind. The upcoming Make Your Mind Matter program is meant to facilitate the understanding of how the three universal principles of thought, consciousness and Mind are always at work within us, within everyone who is alive. Outside circumstances, people and events do not create our experience of life….that is only an illusion.

To register for the November “Make Your Mind Matter”  Program

Blessings, Lynne♥


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