Self Love and Compassion

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express our love to the special people in our lives …but it is also a good time to remember to extend love and compassion to ourselves. As we become more conscious of the thoughts that run across the screen of our mind, we can choose which ones to place attention on. I love listening to Michael Singer. He likens our personal mind to an appliance, and the thoughts it produces as “the process”.  Our mind is a thought producing machine. That is just what it does, and 99% of our thoughts come to us uninvited. If something causes us to feel disturbed, our minds get even busier…justifying, judging, or beating ourselves up. When left unchecked it is easy to buy into a lot of thinking that does not “serve us”. As we grow in awareness as to what this appliance is spewing out, we can choose what thoughts to give attention to…. and which ones to pass on. So how do we grow this “consciousness” muscle? By checking into how we are feeling. If feelings of stress, anger, hurt or self criticism arise… it is always, and only the product of thought. It is never the TRUTH of who we really are. Once we see this, we can begin to say “no thank you” to the thoughts that we tend to ruminate on. We may not feel better immediately, but an ignored guest eventually leaves. Creating space within our MIND brings us back to our default settings of peace, love and compassion, for ourselves and others.

May you be happy, healthy, safe and live with ease!
Blessings Lynne

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