Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking

This program is designed to provide you will the tools and support you need to travel through the rough terrains that life can offer. To remain firm when the world around you is shaking. This four week program, offers you an opportunity to explore how to navigate through the times in your lives when it may feel like the light is not shining. Sometimes this is referred to as “The Dark Night.” You will discover that the Dark Night will birth the next larger version of you.

Week One: The Dark Night: You’ll be looking at the possibilities and potentials and how you can have a circumstance without allowing it to have you. You will learn that the Dark Night experience is inevitable for us all, and it is also a time when something greater is seeking to emerge through you. This week ‘s teaching will give you the tools for navigating  “The Dark Night.”

Week Two: The Hero’s Journey . . . Our Journey: You’ll explore the Hero’s Journey and all of its components. You’ll develop tools for traversing through some of the tougher times of life; and discover spiritual principles to support you in standing firm when your world is shaking.

Week Three: Harvesting the Good: Is about allowing your experience to take you forward rather than take you down. You will learn tools for harvesting the good when a challenging situation comes your way; and how to reframe in into an empowering story.

Week Four: An Opportunity for a New Beginning: We learn that we never really complete this work, because we live in the world of circumstance. Life sends us soft signals. This week you will learn how to pay attention to life’s soft signals; how to create structures of support for change; how to decide for the life you want; and accessing your inner sanctuary to create new beginnings.       

To learn more about this program and how I can support you please schedule a time below for us to connect, and I will be in touch, Blessings, Lynne