Taking Time For Gratitude

♥The gift of this new day.

♥My health.

♥My senses.

♥My eyes to see the beauty of nature.

♥My ears to hear the beauty of nature.

♥The bird songs that I hear everyday.

♥The ability to taste and enjoy food.

♥A nose to smell wonderful smells.

♥My body and all it does for me.

♥The blessing of three amazing sons.

♥The blessing and joy of grandkids.

♥The blessing of family and good friends.

♥The gift of laughter.

♥The standard of living I enjoy.

♥Access to an abundant source of drinking water and healthy foods.

♥The sunshine and warm weather in Arizona today.

♥Physical activity…yoga, walking, swimming, pickle ball, biking, skiing…

♥The spiritual nature of who we REALLY are.

♥The Loving Intelligent Life Force/ Energy within this universe that does entirely support our existence.

…..Your turn!

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