2015-2016 Testimonials  Make Your Mind Matter coaching and programs/ Gong Offerings

“The Make Your Mind Matter Program was the perfect fit for me.  I joined because I was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety in my life and thought I had to quit my job.  I tried therapy, doctors, specialists, but I learned all I really needed was a radical shift in my thinking.  Lynne offered an understanding of how to make an effortless transition to a new way of looking at things. Not a lot has changed, but everything is better. I highly recommend her program.”  ~A. W. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“I really appreciated how much effort, enthusiasm and passion Lynne put into the Make Your Mind Matter program. The many metaphors, analogies, examples and videos used were very effective at getting the message through. I have a new understanding of how to navigate this life a little more gracefully. Thank you for that.”  ~J. M. Saskatoon, SK. Canada

“Lynne’s Make Your Mind Matter Program came at the perfect time for me. I was struggling with some health issues and was having trouble seeing the light.  Lynne’s class gave me more awareness of my thoughts and the realization how much they were acting as barriers to my healing.  Learning how to let go of negative emotions and thinking patterns has brought me a sense of peace and renewed happiness. This class has been a tremendous gift in my life. I would recommend this class to anyone who is ready to change their thoughts and become a better version of themselves.” ∼S.C. Saskatoon, SK, Canada

“I recently completed the program, called  Make Your Mind Matter. It turned out to be a most valuable life experience  for me! Becoming mindful (of how I think), I have begun to develop more awareness of the patterns of my thoughts. This has helped me with some challenging situations in my life. Lynne not only provided us the information to understand the “Why”, but also has gave me tools and words of wisdom to support me to create freedom within my mind. It has been like a feast of the spiritual journey to me ( I am still digesting it ). Thank you, Lynne! I will continue practicing and treasure this unique experience!” ∼M.  C. Saskatoon, SK. Canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed the each session of the Make Your Mind Matter program.  I was of the mind frame that things happen to me and make me feel a certain way.  I am usually very good at thinking positive and letting things go, but since this training I am much better at acknowledging my negative thoughts and seeing them for what they are…..thoughts and letting them go.  They don’t define me and I can choose how I respond to them.  I hear myself telling others about things you said in each session and noticing a change in how I see things.  Thank you for the fabulous understanding!”~T.W. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“It’s been interesting and exciting to attend Lynne’s Make Your Mind Matter sessions. At the very beginning I was kind of doubting the things I heard. Then it started to make sense because I compared real life events with what was said at the workshop, and I really started realizing that what is going on in my life depends on how I look at it, how I react to it, and how I take it. The truth, I am learning, is that I can let things go instead of focusing on them too much and making a big deal out of a small problem. We should enjoy our lives and be thankful for every day and for what we have, and  not make it more complicated than it is. Thanks Lynne for showing us the way to look at things differently with an ease in our minds, so the world looks better around us then.” ~O.K. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“Lynne’s  Make Your Mind Matter program was enlightening, informative, and a joy to be part of. I finished the program with a new outlook on so many things in my life. It also made me aware of how I perceive others in my life, and how my perceptions/ judgments limit them and myself. Thank you Lynne, I think this class should be accessible to everyone.” ~C.P. Saskatoon, SK, Canada

“Lynne’s Make Your Mind Matter program, helped me to remember that “I am enough”, and the importance of self compassion and love. Lynne is so inspirational and real. I was reminded how life is amazing and short….and to take a breath and enjoy everything possible. I am the sky!”  ∼S.H. Saskatoon, SK, Canada

I began attending regular Gong Bath Immersion Meditations while suffering from a paralyzed vocal chord due to stress on the vagus nerve after surgery. I experienced the soothing vibration of the gong as a real aid in healing – emotional, mental and physical. When after three months the vocal chord was fully functional once more, I was so thankful. Gong Bath was an integral part of this recovery and really helped my overall peace of mind when going through a difficult time. ~P. A. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“Lynne Harley’s Gong Baths are amazing to experience.” ~ C.C. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“My eyeballs are still vibrating… thank you Lynne Harley for the Gongbath baptism!!”~ K.B. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“The Gongbath Immersion Meditation was an amazing and transforming experience, I’m still feeling the effects. ~ J. F. Lethbridge,  Alta. Canada

“The Gongbath Meditation takes you to a place of relaxation that you never knew existed.”~N.M. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“I loved everything about the Chakra Gong Yoga Class, the poses, the gong, the meditations and the music.”I would and have recommended this to others.” ~ E.S. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“The Chakra Gong Yoga program helped me to feel more balanced/grounded.  With the restorative poses we practiced at the class I have better neck/shoulder range of motion (which had been an issue).  I have also noticed my sense of smell and taste are stronger.  My sense of smell has been practically nil for the past 10 years. I would attend another set and recommend this to others.” ~ A.M. Martinsville, Sk. Canada

I loved the Chakra Gong Yoga sessions. I really enjoyed the pace of the movements and the supplementary effect of the gong while in a pose.” ~ A.G. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“I really enjoyed Chakra Gong Yoga.  It was a first for me and as meditation it worked much better than a previous meditation/yoga session I attended.  I felt that the gong took me to another place and helped me just focus on the moment.  The gong made me feel as if I had been washed inside and my soul was soothed. I also liked the restorative held poses.” ~ B.D.. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

‘The Chakra Gong Yoga classes benefited me in terms of dealing with every day stresses and taking time for myself to simply be vs. do – a process of slowing down and embracing life.  I learned a lot about chakra’s and their healing benefits for mind & body; of shedding the need to take responsibility for others actions and learning how to listen/not respond…I also found benefit in the stretching poses as a way to release tension from my body. I would take another class and recommend this to others.” ~J.S. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

“The Chakra Gong Yoga program gave me an opportunity to rejuvenate during a busy period in my life. My vibrations increased with each session and I maintained them, as well as feeling many areas of release. I regained my grounding, centered peaceful state. I liked that Lynne repeated things each week, her explanations of each Chakra was clear and simple, her pace gave us sufficient to time to change poses and absorb the vibrations and tune into our bodies.“~D.C. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada



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