When I decided to work with Lynne as my coach, I felt lost and adrift, without purpose or goals. Dead on the inside. I was going through the motions. Now I feel like I have a wonderful secret that is making me feel very differently about myself and my life. I feel vibrant and purposeful, like there is something really awesome on the horizon and I am entering into it. I am easier able to pull myself out of negative thoughts and I am actively choosing what I want in my life. Lynne is genuine, trustworthy and exudes a feeling of peace and calmness. Thank you!!  Andria, Weyburn

The strategy session with Lynne really showed me what I wanted and needed to change. I was struggling with a wall I’d built up around me, to protect me, and it is coming down one brick at a time. I have so much more belief in myself, and my dreams now. I am trusting life and experiencing much less fear and stress. I am now focused on what I can do daily, weekly, monthly to move towards my dreams. Lynne is a fantastic coach; she is very intuitive and supported to help me deal with feelings as they arose.  I love that Lynne shares her own experiences and stories (she has many)! Going forward I have spiritual and universal principles to guide me for life. ~Oonagh Y. Edmonton

When I met Lynne, I was dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety and it was affecting my mental health and my confidence. I felt exhausted… like I was on a roller coaster. It’s always been easy for me to care for others and I wasn’t taking care of myself. It was costing me my health, my happiness, and my peace of mind. I longed to feel better about myself, to be really comfortable with who I am…and I longed to find someone special to share my life with. It was Lynne that made me say yes to coaching, I really felt her caring and I knew she had the skills and knowledge to guide my journey. What has changed for me? I am so much more aware of my thinking now and I can stop the thoughts that use to sabotage me. I really care about myself, and I am making choices to support me. I feel healthy, have way more energy and now I want to be active. I want to look good, and it is reflected in my appearance. My family has commented on the changes within me, and…I have found that “special someone”. Coaching with Lynne has been such a valuable experience. Nobody could go through this program with Lynne’s support. and not experience change. Cheryl, Camrose

Lynne coached me through the Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking program during a difficult time of grief. Lynne’s guidance helped ease me through. She offered many methods for navigating my own ‘dark nights’. Lynne is consistently compassionate, thoughtful and generous, and she shared a wealth of resources each session to discuss within our group. Her passion for honesty and positivity shines through everything she says and does! Belinda, Saskatoon

Lynne is a thoughtful coach who is as interested in her own personal growth as she is in supporting others through their own journeys. She offers a unique mix of theory and story. She prompts with gentle questions, listens deeply, and encourages the kind of reflection that makes learning possible. I am grateful to have met Lynne. Kate, Saskatoon

“I really appreciated Lynne’s enthusiasm and passion as a Coach. The many metaphors, analogies, examples and audios used were very effective at getting the message through. I have a new understanding of how to navigate this life more gracefully, and realizing my dreams. Thank you for that.” ~J. M. Saskatoon, SK. Canada

“I made a decision to work with Lynne as I was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. I had tried therapy, doctors and specialists. Lynne offered transformative teachings and a wonderful system of support. My life has changed, I am much more relaxed and I highly recommend her program and coaching.” Audrey. Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

When I met Lynne, I was struggling with some health issues and was having trouble seeing the light. Lynne’s coaching provided me with more awareness of my thoughts and the realization how much they were acting as barriers to my healing. Learning how to let go of negative emotions and thinking patterns has brought me a sense of peace and renewed happiness. Coaching with Lynne has been a tremendous gift in my life. If you are ready to become a better version of yourself, and live into a life you would love,  I highly recommend working with Lynne.” Shantelle, Saskatoon, SK.

You’re a true inspiration and and great Life Coach. Thank You, Lynne. Z.D, Prince George, B.C.


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