Trust In The Non Tangible

This week, I have been pondering the idea of trust. Why is it sometimes difficult to allow the benevolent energy within life to guide and take care of us, or our loved ones? Is it because it is invisible, non tangible? It is hard to argue that there is not an Intelligence and energy behind and guiding nature. Seasons come and go, the sun sets and rises each day, whether we see it or not. Birds, fish and animals seem to know when to migrate, hibernate or grow thicker coats. Tiny acorns grow into mighty oak trees. When Hiroshima was bombed, scientists believed it would be 10-20 years before anything would grow. Ten days later a flower bloomed within a crater.
Like nature there is an invisible energy living through us. Our physical bodies functions pretty well without our help. We don’t need to think about making our heart beat. Without effort, our lungs provide us with air, cuts and bones heal, and our immune system keeps us healthy when we cooperate… for as long as we are meant to live.
Within our MIND, beneath our busy, worried thinking and need to control, this same Intelligence and energy is there to guide us. This invisible power shows up as insight, moments of clarity, and new ways of seeing.
It seems easy to trust an invisible power to run our bodily functions. It seems easy to trust the invisible power behind a money transfer when we bank online and press the “confirm” button.
The next time you catch yourself in worried or fearful thinking, why not trust…that although you may not know what to do, something deep within you does.

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