Yoga for Grief, A Compassionate Journey Toward Healing

Six Week Yoga Program to Support Grief and Loss                                                                             

In 2016, I suffered the loss of my mother, in 2017, the sudden loss of my younger brother. During this time, I found it difficult to attend a regular yoga  class, and my practice changed. It  became much slower and self nurturing…a meditative practice of mindful movement and breath. As I age I am understanding more deeply that grief is a natural and organic part of life and love. Healing grief requires self compassion, time and attention to our hearts. Yoga eases and can provide a lifelong foundation for centering and relief during difficult times.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a loss, gentle and restorative yoga, calming breath work and meditative practices can help you to cultivate awareness, loving kindness, and acceptance of yourself as you journey with grief.

Yoga for Grief is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners. No prior experience is necessary. Modifications will be provided to those with injuries or health concerns.

Six Week Program $150.00 Sessions run for 1.5 hours once a week for six weeks. Pre-registration is required.

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